About Us

Bloomington Web Design + Branding Consultation

August Road is an award-winning website & graphic design house. Since 2008, we’ve been crafting high-quality, completely custom web sites & design projects, made from scratch to meet your needs.

With strong backgrounds in each, we are strategists and story-tellers, creators and problem-solvers, working with you to provide trusted guidance as experienced creative consultants.

August Road revolves around beautiful graphic design, quality website development, and friendly, one-on-one creative consultation at affordable prices.

We bring to the table 15 years’ experience on projects of all sizes and scopes, collaborating with energetic start-ups and established organizations, with big companies and small businesses in our own backyard. Approaching each project with intention, instinct, and integrity, we recognize that the relationships we build with our clients are the backbone of our business.

We come to work as consultants — not as a company churning out a commodity. We’re not in this to mass-produce template web sites or kick the corners off square pegs. Unique organizations call for unique solutions, so first we’ll build a relationship, and then we’ll build a project shaped around your needs.


What We Can Do For You

At August Road, we specialize in high quality web design that is both beautiful and affordable. But we don’t stop there. You’ll also find us building brands, crafting logos, teaching social media or search engine optimization classes to business owners, and providing a full range of design, development and marketing solutions.


people matter more than projects

So we book fewer projects to be more present. We listen longer as we learn to speak your story well. We go out of our way to make the design experience smooth, simple, and fun, because it matters to the people who matter to us.


Jordan WarnerCreative Director

When our office overlooked the B-Line, we would notice how alive Bloomington is with ambition and creativity. Friends bump into each other, colleagues meet over drinks, and ideas are born. Each day, we go to work and play a small part in many of those stories. It’s a rewarding thing to do.

Since we’re fortunate enough to have meaningful work to do, we do our best to do it well.

Some days, it’s a job, if you know what I mean. But most of the time, it’s a job we enjoy. We find joy in seeing a client’s dream take off, and we love when we notice we’re still working with someone we started working with years ago.

We really value relationships. Don’t be surprised if you hear from us after the project is over; we want to know if everything’s working the way you need it to. We think highly of honesty, hard work, and joy, and we hope our work bleeds those values.

We do this work to build relationships and better our community. And who knows, maybe years from now, we’ll still be working with you.